Cheers to the Supermoon

The final supermoon of the summer, the third in the “supermoon” trilogy this season, will light up the night on Monday (the 8th).  This September’s supermoon is also the Harvest Moon, the moon that occurs closest to the autumn equinox.  A super moon is when a moon at its fullest is also at the point in its orbit closest to the Earth.  The moon appears bigger and brighter, especially when viewed near the horizon.  In honor of this lunar phenomenon, we suggest:

The White Lady


combine in a shaker without ice:  1.5 oz gin ⋅ 1 oz contreau ⋅  3/4 oz fresh lemon juice ⋅ 1 teaspoon house made thyme simple syrup ⋅ 1 fresh egg white

shake until the white is frothy ⋅ add ice and shake until chilled ⋅ strain into cocktail glass ⋅ twist orange peel over drink then discard ⋅ toast the super moon & enjoy