Quick Tech 411: ‘Way-Nee-Loh’

Unknown-1 WANELO has all the things we Want, Need & Love!

WANT: A social network that gathers millions of products you want from over 350,000 stores worldwide-bringing them to you, the future WANELOer (trust us, you want to be one!) on your phone, tablet or desktop.

x200NEED: WANELO was founded by Deena Varshavskaya who simply wanted an easier way to shop online.  She spent two years and her savings to develop the site and persevered through 40 rejections for funding before officially launching in San Francisco in 2012. Deena represents what we need: more women entrepreneurs, more women in tech, more women taking risks, more women leading and more women following their passion!

LOVE: Clean, crisp and a pleasure to navigate, the WANELO site (for both men and women) is quickly customized  by you! The site is populated by curators, products and shops that you choose to follow based upon interest and you collect products as well through searches.  Similar in concept to collecting goodies and following pinners on Pinterest you then have the option to purchase the items you save.  Items you save, will generate similar or related products which will appear in your MAGIC feed, and, magically, we adore everything that has materialized there.


We are just getting started in fact, feel free to send anything on our “Things I Want as Gifts” List! Happy shopping!

Quick Tech 411-LOLy


We are ready to join the rest of the emoji-loving population, now that chic, witty, cool LOLy is here!  Finally, someone (thank you, Gina Pell) understands all that we want to emote!  With it’s animated lips (we LOVE the “Thank You” grill) puppies, boozy queens and clever nods to contemporary life, there are plenty of options for those wanting to give their communication that little something special.


If you are no longer amused by generic smiley faces, download the LOLy app and start saying what you really want to say!  It’s just fun!

Note:  For now, you must cut and paste your emoji of choice from the LOLy app (it takes but a second) but stay tuned, as a keyboard for iOS8 is in the works!

Quick Tech 411 – BloomThat

Something amazing is blooming in the Bay Area!
 BloomThat is a fresh tech company with its sites on revolutionizing the flower delivery industry-but think of it as the perfect “on-demand” addition to your gift giving arsenal.  If you want to thank a hostess, cheer up a friend or send an “I’m glad we’re friends” bouquet-download the BloomThat app or jump online, place an order and in 90 minutes you will be spreading a little sunshine.photo

Their “simply awesome flowers” start at $35 for locally sourced, seasonal, handcrafted bouquets.  The offerings are simple, only six, but all equally attractive (we are huge fans of the repurposed burlap wrap) and free bicycle delivery is included.  There have been some clever limited edition offerings, such as fresh flower crowns for the Outside Lands music festival, donuts and cold brew coffee, and chips and guacamole for National Guacamole Day. (Yes, there is a National Guacamole Day and we sent the Big Dipper to our amiga KK, pronto!)

Simplicity is the theme and also the secret of BloomThat, and other similar companies, like urbanstems in Washington DC or DailyBlooms for our friends in Australia. By streamlining offerings and the ordering process as well as keeping delivery in house, these companies are able to offering lower prices, faster service and remain eco-friendly.  If you aren’t in a delivery area, look on the sites for a place to enter your zip code to register your interest and hopefully you won’t have to wait long.

For delivery in the Bay Area:IMG_4383

Visit the website or download the app

1. Select the blooms (or treat) you want to send

2. Add the message and information for the lucky recipient

3. Choose the delivery time and pay-you will receive a text message when your flowers are en route and when they have been happily received.




Quick Tech 411-Good Eggs

Spend just two minutes on the  Good Eggs site and you’ll either pop in an order right away or send them an email begging they come to your community next.  At the heart of this tech company is a genuine desire to connect small food producers with consumers who value local grown and artisanal food products.

Good Eggs Order-Tues
Currently available in the Bay Area, Brooklyn, LA and New Orleans, GoodEggs provides a wide range of groceries-from produce to dairy to fish to snacks-from local farmers and producers.
 Customers select their groceries, (gluten-free, vegan or other specialty products abound) choose either pick up or free delivery (yes, free delivery) and Good Eggs handles the rest.  Their network of providers receive an email by midnight with orders for the next day, which they then deliver to the Good Eggs warehouse.  Orders are packed (reusable ice packs and insulated sleeves are part of the “lending library” which you return or leave for pick up with the next order) and sent on their way.

It’s local, it’s simple and it’s like magic when your order simply appears at your front door.  There is also the added bonus of supporting small food businesses, farmers, entrepreneurs-like the Good Eggs motto: “Better Food, More Heart.”

Here’s how to give it a try:IMG_4242

1. Visit Good Eggs and select exactly what you want

2. Choose either pick up or free delivery

3. Enjoy!


*Top snapshot  shows order placed in one minute on the site this morning, for delivery on  Thursday. Lower photo is last week’s delivery.

Quick Tech 411 – Nextdoor

IMG_4237Think of Nextdoor as the modern day neighborhood roster, the watchful neighbor and the community bulletin board, rolled into one.

For anyone who has ever struggled to remember that neighbor’s name, Nextdoor is the app for you!  It is a free private online social network that connects you and your neighbors, allowing you to send messages, share resources and build a friendlier, safer community.

Members sign up using their real name and only those with a verified address can join and access the password protected neighborhood Nextdoor website.  There are guidelines for “neighborly behavior” as well as safety and privacy policies to ensure the power of technology is fostering better relationships.  Members have the ability to control the influx of information, use on a mobile device, view the map of members (our favorite feature) and set up emergency alerts.

Whether you want to sell an outgrown bike (hello $60), discover your street is being fogged for West Nile Virus (twice), be on the lookout for a lost pet (Ginger was returned to her owners) or find an amazing teammate to help launch your new LiveWell by SLD site (yep, we found Lindsay in our own neighborhood) Nextdoor is giving us the confidence to smile, wave & say “Hello, Tito!”

1. Visit nextdoor.com and enter the required information.IMG_4238

2. If your neighborhood is one of the  40,000+ established U.S. Nextdoor neighborhoods, you’ll be directed to the private website, if not, you can opt to create one.

3. With a verified address, out rolls the welcome mat!

If you still aren’t sold, check out this Wall Street Journal video on the important of knowing your neighbors in a disaster situation.

Quick Tech 411 – Hyperlapse

Last week, Instagram launched their new Hyperlapse app, making it possible for anyone with an iPhone or iPad to create smooth, high quality time-lapse videos and share directly to Facebook or Instagram.  Similar to time-lapse photography, your scene is recorded at a lower frame rate and the effect stabilizes the picture and accelerates motion, making the action appear to happen in just a few seconds. Below is Sarah’s video of busy beach goers in Santa Monica-and you will certainly see many coming from New York’s Fashion Week. It is addicting and fun!

1. Download Hyperlapse to your iPhone or iPad

2. Shoot your scene

3. With a click of a button, share to Facebook or Instagram, or simply save to enjoy

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