Quick Tech 411: ‘Way-Nee-Loh’

Unknown-1 WANELO has all the things we Want, Need & Love!

WANT: A social network that gathers millions of products you want from over 350,000 stores worldwide-bringing them to you, the future WANELOer (trust us, you want to be one!) on your phone, tablet or desktop.

x200NEED: WANELO was founded by Deena Varshavskaya who simply wanted an easier way to shop online.  She spent two years and her savings to develop the site and persevered through 40 rejections for funding before officially launching in San Francisco in 2012. Deena represents what we need: more women entrepreneurs, more women in tech, more women taking risks, more women leading and more women following their passion!

LOVE: Clean, crisp and a pleasure to navigate, the WANELO site (for both men and women) is quickly customized  by you! The site is populated by curators, products and shops that you choose to follow based upon interest and you collect products as well through searches.  Similar in concept to collecting goodies and following pinners on Pinterest you then have the option to purchase the items you save.  Items you save, will generate similar or related products which will appear in your MAGIC feed, and, magically, we adore everything that has materialized there.


We are just getting started in fact, feel free to send anything on our “Things I Want as Gifts” List! Happy shopping!

Safely Sparkle

It might be cheeky, with it’s rhinestone case, heart shaped nozzle and names like Hot Mama and Golden Girl, but Blingsting packs a powerful punch. Designed to be carried by women, especially those under 30, Blingsting camouflages a canister of traditional pepper spray, and aims to make self-protection accessible yet fashionable.

IMG_4484Shockingly, one in four women will be sexually assaulted on a college campus, and every two minutes in the US someone is sexually assaulted. While carrying a self-defense product isn’t the only precautions one should take, making the decision to carry Blingsting naturally coincides with an increased awareness of surroundings.

For a milder approach or for the younger set, Blingsting recently debuted a heart-shaped glitter personal “ahh!-larm” which clips easily onto a backpack, keychain or dog leash. Pull the pin and you’ll make an instant scene with the 120 decibel alarm.Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 10.13.16 AM

We love that Andi Atteberry, 34,  founded the company because her dad continued to bring home cans of dismal-looking pepper spray for her and her mom to carry. Sparked by her love of the bedazzled, she turned her dad’s concern for her safety into a successful business of supplying “super sparkly safety stuff” to increase awareness and help women and girls protect themselves.  Another great example of female entrepreneurship making the world a better place.

*Special thanks to LiveWell teammate Lindsay for sharing what’s on her keychain! We’re ordering them for ourselves and all the girls in our lives stat!

Fashion Week 101

Photo by Lindsey FreitasToday marks the beginning of Fashion Week in New York-where designers showcase their looks for Spring 2015. The store windows are works of art, the streets are filled with off-duty models and wildly dressed attendees and there is an unmistakable buzz in the air. We asked Mary Alessandra of TwentyThree  to share her perspective on Fashion Week.

Mary Alessandra: Rad Person 001 is a recent graduate of Parson’s School of Design in New York, blogger, photographer and designer, now living in dreamy and warm Santa Monica, CA.


shoes-postFashion Week, which kicks off today in New York, is a bi-annual event (September and February) in the major fashion capitals around the world.  Designers will preview their Spring 2015 collections for buyers and the media with shows happening at Lincoln Center and other interesting locations all over the city. From New York, Fashion Weeks move to London, Milan and then Paris, resulting in Fashion Month. While each city has it’s own style, the energy is the same everywhere: electric.

In recent years, designers have been live streaming their shows and New York Fashion Week Live is a great place to watch the shows and view the schedule. For photos of individual looks, STYLE.COM publishes in real time, but beware-this site is addicting.

 eyopabr21JPB0WI21zbE1orjavjYs80AwAE7C5mxCuU,OeTYg24iUurJxya6sizN1KsyVKhb7wIb1ZpLIJrpohE,oTVbCk8RyjOci0qAFwxK9YFwiNUT-dKucqOzB5q2GZIWhile the “fashion” was once confined to the tents, for me, the real show is on the street.  Everywhere you look you see well-dressed show goers (the fashion editors, stylists, buyers, bloggers, celebrities and of course, Anna) dashing from show to show perfectly styled. No matter if the outfit is flashing with sequins and neon lights or is just a beautiful, simple suit, there is beauty, conventional and unconventional, everywhere you look.

For all the Street Style goodness my favorites are Scott Schuman, aka The Sartorialist,  Tommy Ton for Style.com and YoungJun Koo for The Cut.

Finally, because I’m feeling a little nostalgic about missing my first Fashion Week in four years, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite street style photos I’ve taken during New York, Paris, and London Fashion Weeks (I’m coming for you Milan!) I hope you enjoy!

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   Profile photo courtesy of Lindsey Freitas all other photos by Mary Alessandra