Hit List-Lemons

FullSizeRenderFrom protecting your immune system and boosting your energy and mood plus providing important vitamins, nutrients and cancer-fighting antioxidants and safely ridding your body of toxins, drinking lemon water has a positive effect on everything from your insides out!

We know some pretty amazing people, including this spectacular woman below, Gogo, who lived well until 102 and swore by a warm glass of lemon water each morning (plus a scotch every day at 5pm).  In keeping with her philosophy to stick to the basics, we offer:


Gogo’s Lemon Water

  • 8 ounces of warm water
  • juice of one organic lemon

Juice lemon into a glass of warm water and drink first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach.

During a season that can sometimes be filled with over indulgence, stress or too much merriment, starting each day with a glass of warm lemon water, is possibly the easiest habit to adopt and the only one you won’t have to break in the new year.

You can read more about the specific health benefits if you have time-otherwise, trust that 102 years of LIVING WELL is enough to get you started.


Your Fresh Face Forward

Whether you approach makeup like an off-duty professional or view it as a required daily chore-everyone’s drawer needs an annual refresher.  We offer two schools of thought below-something for everyone!

If makeup is your thing and you enjoy a large wardrobe of shadows, lip color and liners-you probably know way more than we do. IMG_4323If you have added the new colors for fall and know six different smoky eye techniques, we salute you and our advice is simple: gather all the contents of your collection on a countertop and edit.  Look for expirations dates and toss anything past it’s prime. (Common recommendations for pitching are: two years for powder, one year for foundation and three months for mascara.) At least once a month, sharpen pencils, wipe lipsticks with a bit of rubbing alcohol, and wash all makeup brushes with your face wash. If your drawers are filled with sample products, be ruthless in your sorting.  Put products you will use in travel bags and toss those that really aren’t going to be used. Carry on-you’re amazing and you no doubt look gorgeous!

If your approach to makeup is more basic, say five minutes or less, read on!  Once a year (we use our birthday as the reminder date) visit a makeup counter for a new routine.  Choose a store with good lighting if possible, such as actual windows, and as relaxed an environment as possible.  Take a tour of the department to find someone with your style of makeup-or if you have a preferred brand stop there-and let them know up front how to approach your face.  For example, we request a five minute daytime look with an easy transition (or extra step, two at the most) for nighttime.

Follow along in a mirror, ask for instructions or written notes, and have them pull the products you like or any additional tools, such as fresh brushes, that you may need. Cut out any products or steps you know you simply will not follow on your own.  (Only take any samples offered if you absolutely 100% will use-otherwise it’s okay to politely refuse!) You’ll walk out of the store with a fresh face for the day (which is especially great if it’s your birthday) and everything you need to overhaul your drawer at home.   We toss all products from the year before, save a lipstick or two if it’s in good shape, and either clean or replace the organizers and you’re good to go!  Happy birthday!