Full House

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 2.12.27 PMThe arrival of the holiday season most often means the arrival of house guests.  Whether you relish having them in your home or not, smooth visits begin by welcoming your guests with a thoughtfully appointed guest room or space.*

When planning a guest room experience, think about the elements you enjoy when in house at a luxury hotel or when a houseguest yourself. We have streamlined our list of ABSOLUTES to just five:

1. A Place to Rest Their Suitcase

If you have space for guests to unpack, that’s lovely, and a luggage rack eases the process. If their suitcase will also double as a closet/dresser an elevated rack is key. A dedicated place for the suitcase ensures the luggage, which has been out and about in public collecting dirt and germs, stays off the bed.

2. The Fresh, Allergy-Free Bed

The Claritin down alternatives pillows and comforters are an easy way to accommodate all guests comfortable, including those with allergies, and alleviate the need for keeping extra sets of pillows/duvets. Beside, who doesn’t’ want protection from dust mites, pollen and other allergens? A water carafe or bottled water bedside is handy too.

3. The Charging Station & Access

Almost everyone needs a power source for phones, tablets and laptops-so make power easy and accessible. The Jackery Giant is a sleek, charger that blends seamlessly with any decor and will win over even the most particular of guests. A printed card or note with the house wireless network name and password is a nod to our favorite hotels that include access for guests free of charge.

4. The Full-Service Bath

If the guest bath still features supplies from last year, it’s time! Fresh shampoos, soap, toothpaste tubes, extra toothbrush, pain reliever, tums, disposable razor and bandaids make all the difference. Once a quarter, rotate your guest room supplies into a bathroom in use daily to use up and replenish. Don’t forget the extra tp and plunger-no guest wants to have to ask a host for those items-and the girl products too!

5. A Touch of Welcome

Whether you choose a few books or magazines or display a meaningful photo for your guest, leave a small gift on their bed or simply a hand written note-these are the touches that will start the visit off on the right foot!

*Actually, welcoming guests begins at the door!  Try shopwelcome for a fresh take on the welcome mat!

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