Hit List – The Kitchen Decoded

IMG_3916Logan Levant, owner of famed Buttercake Bakery in Los Angeles, has co-authored the new cookbook The Kitchen Decoded that’s at the top of our Hit List!

Cleverly organized around the appliances and gadgets most likely already in your kitchen, the book seeks to demystify these tools (everything from the ice cream scoop to the KitchenAid mixer) and then put to good use in delicious, simple recipes.

IMG_6726From the basics (such as spice rubs and marinades that require only a container with a lid) to the more complex (Arugula Pesto or famed Black Bean Patties that utilize a food processor) there is something to please each palate and skill level.

Logan and co-author Hilary Hattenbach, co-founder of the blog We Heart Mac and Cheese, share a “trick” with each recipe (such as proteins to substitute in the halibut dish or advance preparation techniques) allowing anyone with so much as a spatula to get cooking with confidence.

For a taste, try Logan’s favorite recipe in the book Buttercake Bakery Lemon Bars and you’ll see why this book is on our HIT LIST for everyone from recent graduates to those looking to sharpen their skills. Time flies so get cooking!


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