Quick Tech 411 – BloomThat

Something amazing is blooming in the Bay Area!
 BloomThat is a fresh tech company with its sites on revolutionizing the flower delivery industry-but think of it as the perfect “on-demand” addition to your gift giving arsenal.  If you want to thank a hostess, cheer up a friend or send an “I’m glad we’re friends” bouquet-download the BloomThat app or jump online, place an order and in 90 minutes you will be spreading a little sunshine.photo

Their “simply awesome flowers” start at $35 for locally sourced, seasonal, handcrafted bouquets.  The offerings are simple, only six, but all equally attractive (we are huge fans of the repurposed burlap wrap) and free bicycle delivery is included.  There have been some clever limited edition offerings, such as fresh flower crowns for the Outside Lands music festival, donuts and cold brew coffee, and chips and guacamole for National Guacamole Day. (Yes, there is a National Guacamole Day and we sent the Big Dipper to our amiga KK, pronto!)

Simplicity is the theme and also the secret of BloomThat, and other similar companies, like urbanstems in Washington DC or DailyBlooms for our friends in Australia. By streamlining offerings and the ordering process as well as keeping delivery in house, these companies are able to offering lower prices, faster service and remain eco-friendly.  If you aren’t in a delivery area, look on the sites for a place to enter your zip code to register your interest and hopefully you won’t have to wait long.

For delivery in the Bay Area:IMG_4383

Visit the website or download the app

1. Select the blooms (or treat) you want to send

2. Add the message and information for the lucky recipient

3. Choose the delivery time and pay-you will receive a text message when your flowers are en route and when they have been happily received.




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