Quick Tech 411 – Hyperlapse

Last week, Instagram launched their new Hyperlapse app, making it possible for anyone with an iPhone or iPad to create smooth, high quality time-lapse videos and share directly to Facebook or Instagram.  Similar to time-lapse photography, your scene is recorded at a lower frame rate and the effect stabilizes the picture and accelerates motion, making the action appear to happen in just a few seconds. Below is Sarah’s video of busy beach goers in Santa Monica-and you will certainly see many coming from New York’s Fashion Week. It is addicting and fun!

1. Download Hyperlapse to your iPhone or iPad

2. Shoot your scene

3. With a click of a button, share to Facebook or Instagram, or simply save to enjoy

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Busy day! #californiadreaming

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Fashion Week 101

Photo by Lindsey FreitasToday marks the beginning of Fashion Week in New York-where designers showcase their looks for Spring 2015. The store windows are works of art, the streets are filled with off-duty models and wildly dressed attendees and there is an unmistakable buzz in the air. We asked Mary Alessandra of TwentyThree  to share her perspective on Fashion Week.

Mary Alessandra: Rad Person 001 is a recent graduate of Parson’s School of Design in New York, blogger, photographer and designer, now living in dreamy and warm Santa Monica, CA.


shoes-postFashion Week, which kicks off today in New York, is a bi-annual event (September and February) in the major fashion capitals around the world.  Designers will preview their Spring 2015 collections for buyers and the media with shows happening at Lincoln Center and other interesting locations all over the city. From New York, Fashion Weeks move to London, Milan and then Paris, resulting in Fashion Month. While each city has it’s own style, the energy is the same everywhere: electric.

In recent years, designers have been live streaming their shows and New York Fashion Week Live is a great place to watch the shows and view the schedule. For photos of individual looks, STYLE.COM publishes in real time, but beware-this site is addicting.

 eyopabr21JPB0WI21zbE1orjavjYs80AwAE7C5mxCuU,OeTYg24iUurJxya6sizN1KsyVKhb7wIb1ZpLIJrpohE,oTVbCk8RyjOci0qAFwxK9YFwiNUT-dKucqOzB5q2GZIWhile the “fashion” was once confined to the tents, for me, the real show is on the street.  Everywhere you look you see well-dressed show goers (the fashion editors, stylists, buyers, bloggers, celebrities and of course, Anna) dashing from show to show perfectly styled. No matter if the outfit is flashing with sequins and neon lights or is just a beautiful, simple suit, there is beauty, conventional and unconventional, everywhere you look.

For all the Street Style goodness my favorites are Scott Schuman, aka The Sartorialist,  Tommy Ton for Style.com and YoungJun Koo for The Cut.

Finally, because I’m feeling a little nostalgic about missing my first Fashion Week in four years, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite street style photos I’ve taken during New York, Paris, and London Fashion Weeks (I’m coming for you Milan!) I hope you enjoy!

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   Profile photo courtesy of Lindsey Freitas all other photos by Mary Alessandra

Quit Talking!

The-way-to-get-started-1There is a common theme running among the clients and friends we work with at Sarah Lucas Designs: they are anxious about celebrating. They haven’t reciprocated friends’ invitations, celebrated a milestone or filled their home with people because they are paralyzed by their insistence on perfection-and now the pressure is building.

We take over the task, we relieve their obligations, we create the illusion of perfection. While our clients and their guests may experience a flawless event-nothing in life or events ever goes 100% as planned.  The key is to be prepared for imperfection, to roll with it when there aren’t enough forks or the caterer has a flat tire or it is raining in July or a guest is literally swinging from a chandelier. Once you begin, the little details rarely matter as life begins to take over. Smile, hand people a drink and squeeze in those unexpected guests because in the rearview mirror only the people and the experience will be in sight, not the table scape.

imagesWith the launch of LiveWell by SLD, we are going to take our own advice and be bold and jump-with a road map drawn in pencil and a solid philosophy of creating a culture of inspiration, of sharing and adventure. We know it won’t be perfect – we don’t even have a logo – but we have a big picture in our mind – to live and live well.  Let the doing begin!