Quick Tech 411-Good Eggs

Spend just two minutes on the  Good Eggs site and you’ll either pop in an order right away or send them an email begging they come to your community next.  At the heart of this tech company is a genuine desire to connect small food producers with consumers who value local grown and artisanal food products.

Good Eggs Order-Tues
Currently available in the Bay Area, Brooklyn, LA and New Orleans, GoodEggs provides a wide range of groceries-from produce to dairy to fish to snacks-from local farmers and producers.
 Customers select their groceries, (gluten-free, vegan or other specialty products abound) choose either pick up or free delivery (yes, free delivery) and Good Eggs handles the rest.  Their network of providers receive an email by midnight with orders for the next day, which they then deliver to the Good Eggs warehouse.  Orders are packed (reusable ice packs and insulated sleeves are part of the “lending library” which you return or leave for pick up with the next order) and sent on their way.

It’s local, it’s simple and it’s like magic when your order simply appears at your front door.  There is also the added bonus of supporting small food businesses, farmers, entrepreneurs-like the Good Eggs motto: “Better Food, More Heart.”

Here’s how to give it a try:IMG_4242

1. Visit Good Eggs and select exactly what you want

2. Choose either pick up or free delivery

3. Enjoy!


*Top snapshot  shows order placed in one minute on the site this morning, for delivery on  Thursday. Lower photo is last week’s delivery.

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