What’s For Dinner

Nearly every meal around here in September involves tomatoes from the garden.  While our go-to “burrata, tomato, basil” is always a crowd pleaser-for tonight’s family dinner we turned to one of our favorite (and well tagged) cookbooks “What Would Brian Boitano Make?” for inspiration.

BB's Book

Best know for his excellence on the ice rink, Brian began a second career as a culinary champion. Beginning in 2009, he hosted a show on the Cooking Channel (later on the Food Network), showcasing his favorite recipes to prepare in his San Francisco home for friends and family.  His cookbook features many of the same themes as the show-fresh, accessible ingredients, a straightforward approach to cooking and a generous sprinkling of his Italian heritage.  His style is relaxed and perfectly matches our Sunday mood.

Sunday nights are a favorite evening to invite neighbors or another family over for a quick catch-up before the busy week ahead.  We set a relaxed table for a one course meal-served family style, and guests often bring the dessert. The result is cocktails to clean up in under 2 hours, with very little prep.  For tonight-we are pairing Brian’s “Heirloom Tomato, Cantaloupe and Feta Salad” with  a grilled market steak and crunchy grilled french bread-an easy, relaxed meal that ensures your time is spent with your guests and not in the kitchen. Brian’s salad takes 10 minutes to prep and results in a gorgeous, colorful and delicious late summer dish that is universally enjoyed.

BB's Salad

In a bowl combine 2 cups of diced tomatoes (we mix whatever we harvest that day-heirloom, roma, cherry) ⋅  2 cups diced cantaloupe  10 leaves basil cut with kitchen scissors ⋅ 1/2 cup toasted pine nuts  ⋅ toss with dressing (3 Tbs avocado oil + 1 Tbs white balsamic vinegar)  ⋅ a little maldon flakes salt on top  enjoy

*FYI Brian’s recipe calls for 1 cup of feta cheese and we offer ours on the side so those who wish to enjoy may

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