Quick Tech 411 – Nextdoor

IMG_4237Think of Nextdoor as the modern day neighborhood roster, the watchful neighbor and the community bulletin board, rolled into one.

For anyone who has ever struggled to remember that neighbor’s name, Nextdoor is the app for you!  It is a free private online social network that connects you and your neighbors, allowing you to send messages, share resources and build a friendlier, safer community.

Members sign up using their real name and only those with a verified address can join and access the password protected neighborhood Nextdoor website.  There are guidelines for “neighborly behavior” as well as safety and privacy policies to ensure the power of technology is fostering better relationships.  Members have the ability to control the influx of information, use on a mobile device, view the map of members (our favorite feature) and set up emergency alerts.

Whether you want to sell an outgrown bike (hello $60), discover your street is being fogged for West Nile Virus (twice), be on the lookout for a lost pet (Ginger was returned to her owners) or find an amazing teammate to help launch your new LiveWell by SLD site (yep, we found Lindsay in our own neighborhood) Nextdoor is giving us the confidence to smile, wave & say “Hello, Tito!”

1. Visit nextdoor.com and enter the required information.IMG_4238

2. If your neighborhood is one of the  40,000+ established U.S. Nextdoor neighborhoods, you’ll be directed to the private website, if not, you can opt to create one.

3. With a verified address, out rolls the welcome mat!

If you still aren’t sold, check out this Wall Street Journal video on the important of knowing your neighbors in a disaster situation.

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