Quit Talking!

The-way-to-get-started-1There is a common theme running among the clients and friends we work with at Sarah Lucas Designs: they are anxious about celebrating. They haven’t reciprocated friends’ invitations, celebrated a milestone or filled their home with people because they are paralyzed by their insistence on perfection-and now the pressure is building.

We take over the task, we relieve their obligations, we create the illusion of perfection. While our clients and their guests may experience a flawless event-nothing in life or events ever goes 100% as planned.  The key is to be prepared for imperfection, to roll with it when there aren’t enough forks or the caterer has a flat tire or it is raining in July or a guest is literally swinging from a chandelier. Once you begin, the little details rarely matter as life begins to take over. Smile, hand people a drink and squeeze in those unexpected guests because in the rearview mirror only the people and the experience will be in sight, not the table scape.

imagesWith the launch of LiveWell by SLD, we are going to take our own advice and be bold and jump-with a road map drawn in pencil and a solid philosophy of creating a culture of inspiration, of sharing and adventure. We know it won’t be perfect – we don’t even have a logo – but we have a big picture in our mind – to live and live well.  Let the doing begin!


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